Ten Easy Ways to Stay on Budget this Summer

June 26, 2017 | Posted by: Paul Williams

The lazy days of summer are here and with them come plenty of ways to spend. Here’s some easy tips to keep your budget on track through the sunny season!


  1. Keep it on tap. Fill your own reusable bottles each day instead of buying bottled water. You’ll save money, and do good things for the planet.
  2. Be a borrower. Get your summer reading material at the library or online.
  3. Skip the brands. We go through a lot of sunscreen and similar products in summer. Shop for cheaper house brands: the quality is usually excellent.
  4. Perfect the potluck. Make your own signature dish and get guests to bring a favourite of their own, allowing them to share in the cost and effort of your backyard meal.
  5. Pack a lunch. Make it part of the experience of a car trip or excursion. Find a picnic spot to enjoy your homemade goodies.
  6. Shop the sales. Hold off updating your wardrobe until the summer styles go on sale.
  7. Chill. Replace your AC filters. Set the temperature just one degree higher. Open the windows at night, and close the blinds during the day. On hot days, skip the hot stove.
  8. Festival season. Lots of great events are completely free of charge. Look online for something you’ll love.
  9. Snap up those souvenirs. The best summer souvenirs are often the photos. Skip the souvenir shops; take more pictures instead.
  10. Take a load off. Take advantage of historically low interest rates to refinance your mortgage and roll large amounts of credit card debt into your mortgage, if you have enough equity. This simple strategy can save thousands, give you one easy payment, and help you be mortgage free sooner. Then take that credit card, and put a post-it note on it that says “emergency use only”. You’ll breathe easier all summer.

 Now kick back and really enjoy your summer!








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